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C Programming Basics 2


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This ExamTray free online exams tests your knowledge on C Programming Basics. Questions and Answers are arranged in a easy to follow Tutorial to easily learn C Language.

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1) Choose correct answer..
	/* Multi Line Comment
	This line is ignored by compiler
	printf("Hello C.."); 
2) C Programs are used in .?
3) What are the types of Constants in C Language.?
4) Choose correct statements
5) Find an integer constant.
6) Find a Floating Point constant.
7) Find a Character constant.
8) A Variable of a particular type can hold only a constant of the same type. Choose right answer.
9) Choose a right statement.
10) Number of Keywords present in C Language are .?
11) Each statement in a C program should end with.?
12) Correct way of commenting a single line is.?
13) Choose a correct statement.
14) Single Line Comment // is also called.?
15) Choose the correct answer.?
16) What is an Identifier in C Language.?
17) An Identifier may contain.?
18) What is the number of characters used to distinguish Identifier or Names of Functions and Global variables.?
19) What is length of an Identifier that is unique for Non Global Variables and Non Function Names.?
20) An Identifier can start with.?