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How to Setup Java Environment in Windows 10

setup java home

Java is almost a mandatory learning computer programming language by any engineering or diploma student. Learning Java in fact is the starting point of becoming a successful Android developer. Java is used in many electronic equipments like ATMs, Blue Ray Drives, Android Phones, Android Smart Wear, Games, Financial Application for Banks, Embedded Systems and others. Student find installing Java is difficult for the first time. It is easy to setup Java Environment in Windows 10 after following this tutorial.

Setup Java Environment in Windows 10

To setup Java Environment in Windows 10 or older Windows operating systems, you need to download Java from Oracle website. There are two variations of Java.

  1. JDK or Java SE ( Java Standard Edition )
  2. JRE ( Java Runtime Environment )

1. Java SE

Java SE installs both JDK and JRE. JDK is Java Developer Kit. If you are developing Java applications, you need to compile the java programs. Hence JDK is the right option in this case.

2. JRE

JRE is useful only to run Java Applications but not for development works. Some websites force users to install JRE in order to display customized information that is displayed only on Java Supported (Or installed) browsers.

Setting up Java Environment in Windows is nothing but adding Java Installation Path to Operating System Variables. It is called Setting Up Java Home.

Setting Up Java Home

Step 1

Open Control Panel. Go to System & Security. Open System.


Right Click on My Computer and goto Properties.

setup java environment in windows step 1

Step 2

Here you can see your computer hardware specifications like RAM, Processor Type and Windows Activation status etc. Go to Advanced System Settings on the left side.

setup java environment in windows step 2

Step 3

Under system properties, go to Advanced Tab. On the bottom you can find a button with name 'Environment Variables..'. Just click.

setup java environment in windows step 3

Step 4

Under Environment Variables, you can see two sections. Top section shows User variables and the bottom section shows System Variables. In either of them, find for Variable name PATH or path. If it is not available click New on any section and add PATH as variable NAME and Value as C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\bin for example.

If the PATH variable is already existing in any section, simply click Edit and add the Java Installation Path.

If the requirement is to set up java_home as required by any applications like Tomcat, add the Variable name as java_home and the path requested by the application.

setup java environment in windows step 3


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