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Java Programming Basics Online Test 1


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This examtray online test or quiz or exam tests your technical knowledge on Java Programming History, Evolution and Basics questions. You can easily attend Interviews and Lab Exams.

Go through Java Basic Theory Notes before attempting this test.

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1) Java is a Successor to which programming language?
2) Who invented Java language?
3) What is the original name of Java Programming language?
4) Which laboratory was Java invented or developed in?
5) The name "JAVA" is known to the world as?
6) Java language was originally developed for operating?
7) What type of Java Programs can be run inside a Java supported Web Browser?
8) Whic company owns Java at present?
9) What was the reason for huge initial success of Java?
10) What is the advantage of EXE files?
11) Computer Viruses and Trojans are often transmitted along with which files?
12) What is the problem with generation Executable Software (EXE files)?
13) What is an Interpreter?
14) What is a Compiler?
15) What is the file name extension of a Java source program?
16) Choose a correct statement about Java source files.
17) What is the output of Compilation of Java Program?
18) Byte code is the result of?
19) What software compiles a Java Program?
20) What software runs a Java program on a computer?
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