Last Minute Python Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced topic wise

Last Minute Python Tutorials

Python programming language is being heavily used in scientific applications and analytics. There is a big topic called Data Science that mainly recommends Python for data analysis and reports. These Last-Minute Python Tutorials help beginners and advanced developers in understanding and applying concepts easily. Let us learn the Python language topic-wise.

Last Minute Python Tutorials

SNO Topic

Python Introduction History

This tutorial covers topics like Python history, features, versions, uses and flavours.


Installing Python on Windows 10, 8 and 7

This tutorial teaches you how to install Python software step by step on operating systems like Window 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.


How to Compile and Run Python Programs

This tutorial teaches you two ways of compiling Python programs namely CMD mode and Python Shell mode.


How to Generate Python Byte Code File .PYC

This tutorial teaches you the ways to generate a Python Bytecode file and view it.


How to Generate Python Exe File from .PY File

This tutorial teaches how to install PYINSTALLER and use it to generate an executable python program from the source .py file.


Data Types in Python

This tutorial teaches how to use basic data types like Numeric Type (int, float, complex), Boolean Type, String or Text Sequence Type, Binary Sequence Type (bytes, bytearray, memoryview), Sequence Type (list, tuple, range), Set Type (set, frozenset), Mapping Type (dict) and None type.


Type Casting or Conversion in Python

Converting one type of data into another type is called Type Casting or Type Conversion in Python. Parsing is the process of converting strings to respective data types. Follow this tutorial to learn more.


Arithmetic Operators in Python

The operators used for doing arithmetic operations are called Arithmetic operators. Addition operator, subtraction operator, multiplication operator, division operator and modulo-division operator are mostly used. Learn more operators like these.


Relational Operators in Python

Python language supports 6 relational operators or comparison operators. These operators allow you to compare two variables or constants. Let us learn more.


Logical Operators in Python

Python supports 3 logical operators namely and, or and not. These are used to combine multiple conditions. Let us learn more.


Boolean Operators in Python

Python supports 3 Boolean operators namely and, or and not. These are used to combine multiple conditions. Let us learn more.


Bitwise Operators in Python

There are 6 bitwise operators in Python namely Bitwise AND (&), Bitwise OR (|), Bitwise Exclusive OR (^), Bitwise Complement (~), Bitwise Left Shift (). Let us learn how to use these operators in this last-minute tutorial.


Operator Priority in Python

Python programming language supports a variety of operators namely Arithmetic, Bitwise, Relational, Assignment, Identity, Membership, Logical and Boolean. Let us discuss Python Operator Priority or precedence relative to one other with examples using this tutorial.



A program statement that can alter or control the flow of execution is called a Control Statement. Let us know more about Python IF, ELIF and ELSE control statements with examples using this Last Minute Tutorial.


Python WHILE Loop

Let us learn more about a Python WHILE loop with break, continue, pass and ELSE-clause control statements with examples. A loop executes a group of statements until a condition is satisfied.