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Java Basics: Classes and Objects Online Test 1


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This ExamTray Free Online Test or Quiz or Trivia tests your Programming Skills on Java Classes and Objects. This test displays answers after finishing the exam for review. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions. Students can learn Java basics.

Go through Java Theory Notes on Classes before attempting this test.

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1) Java is a ___ programming language.
2) In Java programming language, the code is placed inside ___.
3) Properties are implemented using ___ in Java.
4) A Class in Java is like a ____.
5) Which is the file extension used for a public Java class source code?
6) Which is the file extension used for a compiled Java class file?
7) State TRUE or FALSE. The source-code of An Abstract-Class or Interface is kept inside a .java file.
8) After compilation, an Interface or Abstract-Class is kept in a ___ file in Java programming.
9) State TRUE or FALSE. In Java, a public class or abstract-class or interface must be kept in a separate .java file.
10) In a .java file, how many numbers of public types namely class, interface or abstract can be managed?
11) In Java, the keyword used to declare a class is ___.
12) A Java class can contain___.
13) How many maximum numbers of objects can be created from a single Class in Java?
14) Creating an object from a class is also called ____.
15) The keyword used to create a new object in Java is ___.
16) Choose the correct statements about choosing a name for a class in Java.
17) An object is created at __ time in Java.
18) Choose the correct statement about Java main method.
19) Choose the correct syntax for declaring a Java class below.
20) Choose the correct way of creating an object of the below class.
class Table
  Table(){System.out.println("Table Created");}

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