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C Programming Data Types and Storage Classes Online Test 2


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This ExamTray Free Online Exam tests your C Programming Skills on Data Types and C Storage Classes and displays Questions and Answers after finishing the exam. You can easily clear Competitive Exams and Job Interview Questions after attending this exam.

Go through C Theory Notes on Data Types and Storage Classes before attempting the test.

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1) What is a C Storage Class.?
2) Every C Variable must have.?
3) Find a C Storage Class below.
4) What is the default C Storage Class for a variable.?
5) Choose a right answer.
6) A register variable is stored in a Register. Where does a Register Present in a Computer.?
7) Variables of type auto, static and extern are all stored in .?
8) Find a right answer.
9) Find a correct statement.
10) Choose a correct statement.
11) Which among the following is a Local Variable.?
12) Which among the following is a Global Variable.?
13) Choose a correct statement about static variable.
register float a = 3.14f;
Choose right statement.
15) What is the difference between Declaration and Definition.?
16) Choose a right statement.
17) Choose a right statement.
18) Choose a correct statement.
19) Choose a right statement.
20) Choose a right statement.
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